Convolutional Neural Network on a GPU

Dropout CNN trained with Adadelta on the MNIST dataset

Posted by Matt on October 11, 2014

The documentation that exists today with respect to getting a GPU up and running and detailed analysis of convet architecture is so thorough and well explained that anyone following my old post would probably be doing themselves a diservice as well as installing a bunch of old gpu software. I decided to just scrap the post altogether and save the re-write for another time.

Since you're already here..

If you came to this blog to legimately learn how CNNs work, just head here: or here:

If that didn't satisfy you, try some of these:

If all of this is entirely confusing to you and you're looking for somewhere in this weird science to lay your roots, check out this old classic: Bayesian Methods for Hackers. It's better to start here with a strong foundation for the 99.9% of the problems you'll ever face than to try to deep learn all the things.

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